Employee Spotlight for January: Bismark Sandoval

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Employee Spotlight for January: Bismark Sandoval


Bismark preparing a patients leg mold

We are excited to announce that Bismark Sandoval has joined the team at FUNPROBO as an assistant prosthetist!  Bismark is Bolivian, and he is now the second prosthetist which means that FUNPROBO can start handling even more patients per month.  Bismark is young, eager, bright and passionate about this great cause. The chief prosthetist, Florencio Calle, has been working hard to train Bismark and help him ramp up his skills quickly so that he soon can take on his own patient load.  We hope that this is the beginning of a new era for FUNPROBO—training local specialists from Bolivia, to serve their own citizens—rather than relying on a single prosthetist, and the efforts of volunteers from other nations.

Bismark working with Florencio

Bismark working with Florencio

You may also recall in our June newsletter that the internationally-known prosthetist, Jon Batzdorff, started Bismark’s training.  We hope to further Bismark’s education by supporting his tuition expenses when he enrolls in one of the few Latin American prosthetic schools, Don Bosco University in Guatemala, which is famous all over Latin America. After completing his education, Bismark will be one of the few fully accredited prosthetists in Bolivia. To this end, we are starting a special fundraising effort to collect $13,500 to send Bismark to Don Bosco University.

If you want your donations to go to a sustainable purpose, please consider donating to Bismark’s education fund.


Bismark receiving a certificate of training from Jon Batzdorff


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