Patient – Luis the student

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Patient – Luis the student

… being a young, healthy teenage student, pursuing classes in a career that excites you;
….how devastated you’d feel if you were suddenly informed that one of your legs will be amputated before you’ve even reached 20 years of age;
…how drastically your life would change in every way possible.

Luis was a 19-year-old student who was very excited about pursuing a career as a mechanic. Attending school filled Luis with a sense of hope, pride and joy.

However, Luis started having issues with his leg, and he went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. Luis told the doctor that his leg had been bothering him for awhile. After several tests, Luis was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma can be very painful, as it causes one’s bones to become very brittle. Even a minor fall or bump can cause a fracture. It is very likely that Luis’ leg pain stemmed from an incident that was not even memorable. Sadly, the doctors were forced to amputate Luis’ leg so that the cancer wouldn’t spread to the rest of his body.

Luis lost his leg in September 2016, and he spent nine months in the hospital. His hospital stay was very lonely and isolating. He had a few visitors, but generally he was alone for nine months in a hospital far away from his home.

Luis’ life was turned upside down after his leg was amputated. He felt lost without his independence and dignity, and he slipped into a deep, dark depression. Due to his limited mobility, he never went out to see friends, and it was very hard to perform any chores around the house. Worse yet, Luis was unable to return to school, and he had to drop out of his certification program to be a mechanic. He felt sad and totally isolated from all that had previously brought him hope and happiness.

And then, one day, luck was finally on Luis’ side. Word reached Luis about the great work we’re doing in Bolivia for low-income amputees. As soon as he learned of our clinic’s success stories, Luis worked hard to reach our doorstep. Luis knew at his core that a new leg would be the only way to regain his independence and freedom to pursue his ambitions.

Luis’ new leg enabled him walk again and resume a productive life. He is also very eager to return to school, find a job, and follow a path full of promise as a skilled, licensed mechanic. With great pride, Luis told us that he simply wants to contribute to society, pay his bills, start a family and walk freely–on two legs–in the direction of his dreams.

In Luis’ own words: “Thank you for your generous donations over the years. Without your dedicated and continued support I would not be able to walk today. God Bless You. Luis


You can see Luis learning how to use his new leg here:

Louis learning the basics of his new knee YouTube play


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