98% of Donations went directly to help Bolivians in 2016

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98% of Donations went directly to help Bolivians in 2016

An important question for many donors is “what percentage of donations to Bolivians Without disAbilities is going to support disabled Bolivians?“.  On May 15th, we completed our 990 tax report for 2016 (Due May 15th) and we have achieved our goal of using 98% of donations to help disabled Bolivian amputees. If you have ever investigated how much charities typically spend directly on their mission, vs salaries and other overhead, you will find that our 98% of spending on Bolivia programs is an extraordinarily low figure.

We achieve this super low overhead by having:

  • zero salaries
  • zero travel expenses
  • zero facility expenses
  • zero postal marketing costs

as well as other, what would be “typical” expenses, that we are able to avoid. We can do this because we are run by an all volunteer staff and use exclusively electronic communication, like this newsletter.  Our largest expense is bank fees (mostly PayPal, which charges us 2.9% for each dollar collected – but this is also EXCELLENTLY low), and web site hosting.

In contrast:

You will soon find our tax return on Guide Star, which has a free login.

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