Patient – Alfredo was hit by a train

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Patient – Alfredo was hit by a train

Alfredo has received a prosthetic leg from our partner, FUNPROBO, in May 2017, and this is the story he told us:

Alfredo when he first arrived

“It was 1:30 in the afternoon in early August 2004 and I was working next to some train tracks. I needed to go to the bathroom, which was on the other side of the tracks, and as I stepped onto them, I suddenly noticed that a train was speeding towards me. I hadn’t seen the train at first because of all the little shacks and vendors which line the tracks. It is always a very dangerous situation and location but it is the only life that people know.”

“I tried to escape, however, the train was approaching too fast, I stumbled, and my leg was trapped under it. Thankfully the train stopped and the driver, along with some of my neighbors, came to my aid. I was in agonizing pain. My wife, son and one of the neighbors took me to the hospital as soon as they could. Unfortunately, in order to save me, they amputated my leg since it had been crushed and there was no hope to ever be able to use it again. A week later, another operation was performed to clean and remove an infection that had begun in my wound. This required me to stay in the hospital another 20 days to recuperate and rest, but this drained what little savings I had.”

“My entire life I have been very active. I was made to be moving, not glued to a bed. For the first month, the accident made me very depressed, but then I decided do something about it after I got out of the hospital. I couldn’t afford to buy a prosthetic leg, so I decided to make my own from any materials I could find, such as scrap metal, plastic and wood. Although very basic, this leg allowed me to return to work and start my life again. Since the amputation, I have made 3 or 4 different prosthetics. Over time, I was able to resume a lot of my normal activities, including organizing a football team and championship where I live in the countryside and participating in the folkloric traditions of my town, playing instruments and even dancing Tinku. These activities keep me going in life. However, my homemade prosthetics have never been anything but uncomfortable for me, so I was extremely excited when I heard about the opportunity to have a real prosthetic made for me at FUNPROBO.”

Alfredo with his new leg

“With my new leg, I will no longer be in constant pain, as I have been for nearly 13 years. I am ready to move forward with more force and life especially for my children and family. Without the constantly falling with my current prosthetic, I will be able to participate more fully in the sporting and folkloric activities in my town, which I love. I want to be a role model for people with disabilities; to show them that they should not give up and that they too are allowed to have hope and strength.”

“Thank you FUNPROBO.


See Alfredo dancing now:

Alfredo Dancing after his new leg from CMA YouTube play

(Note, as always, this story was dictated by the patient and then translated into English). Every month your ongoing donations will give more amputees like Alfredo a new lease on life and an opportunity to regain their livelihood and happiness. If you want to help make this happen then donate now.

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