Lives changed in 2017

As of the end of April, the total impact of donations in the prior month provided funds for three more amputees to walk again. One patient was a double amputee and so he received two legs. These new limbs will allow three people to begin to rebuild their lives. Furthermore, these three, with their new found dignity, spirit, and independence, will impact the lives of dozens of others, in their homes and communities, in positive ways.

Since the beginning of this year, generous donations have provided funds for 21 new prosthetic limbs to 20 patients, all of which have already been manufactured and fitted to the patients.

The causes of these amputations of patients fitted this year were as follows:

  • Tumor/Cancer: 3
  • Side effects of diabetes: 4
  • Congenital: 1
  • Infection: 2
  • Work accident: 1
  • Traffic accidents: 4
  • Accident “other”: 5

And a few other interesting statistics:

  • Youngest patient: 3
  • Oldest patient: 73
  • Average age: 40
  • Males: 17
  • Females: 3

(you will note a huge discrepancy between the number of male vs female patients.  We don’t know why this is, and the types of causes of amputations do not seem to be gender based, so we can only guess that it is most probably related to some cultural phenomenon that Bolivian men seek prosthetic limbs more often than Bolivian women. )

Since the opening day in January 2011, our partner in Bolivia, FUNPROBO, has worked with over 350 amputees, and quite a few have had to return for a replacement of their prosthetic leg,  Bolivians walk extensively and so their legs only last a few years.

Note that there are always ever more prosthetic legs to build and provide.  Not only is our partner in Bolivia the only non-governmental clinic in all of Bolivia exclusively serving low-income amputees, but they are also providing more prosthetic limbs then any other clinic, public or private, in the entire country — COMBINED.  So continuing donations are essential – to make yours, donate now.

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