Bolivians Without disAbilities (BWD) was founded by Matt Pepe, who traveled extensively in Bolivia, learning of the difficulties that disabled Bolivians face. In 2010 Matt founded FUNPROBO, a non-profit organization that supports low-income amputees via their prosthesis clinic: Centro de Miembros Artificiales. In 2015 Matt decided to expand his vision to support other marginalized disabled groups by setting up “Bolivians Without disAbilities“. The aim of BWD is to utilize funding, education, volunteers, medical care and advocacy to support all disabled Bolivians.

We operate in partnership with other charities and non-profit groups to deliver effective support in Bolivia. We continue to work with FUNPROBO, whilst selecting other partner organizations. We are currently in the process of researching our main 2017 partner, so if you know of any worthy organizations, do get in touch.

Our commitments as an organization are:

  • To provide funding and volunteers to Bolivian organizations that attempt to eliminate and/or alleviate disabilities in Bolivia.
  • To offer funding to non-profit Bolivian prosthetic organizations that provide prosthesis to low-income Bolivian amputees.
  • To promote awareness in the United States of Bolivian disabilities, so that other interested organizations may provide their support, either in concert with our organization or on their own.
  • To promote the transfer of technologies to Bolivia, such as locally manufacturable prosthetic components, hearing aids and batteries, the use of Adaptive Furniture Technology for babies and young children, and more.
  • To attempt to coordinate the delivery of wheelchairs from international non-profits who donate wheelchairs to local partners.

If you are part of an organization supporting disabled Bolivians, please feel free to get in touch.