Volunteer positions

Note that some of these opportunities can be performed remotely, and others require on-site presence in Bolivia.  Please Click  For Volunteer Application Form

Experienced CPO wanted to spend 10 or more days working with our technicians to refine and improve their techniques. (Assignment in Bolivia).  Minimum time commitment: 7 days.

 Mechanical Engineer:
Duties to include researching and experimenting with 3D printed hand and arm solutions, as well as printing and assembling the same while working with patients to train them how to use them. At all times, always attempting to document and simplify the process for future volunteers doing the same work. (Assignment in Bolivia)  Minimum time commitment: 30 days

Workshop Assistant:

Fix and build things in our workshop.  Might be an opportunity to help the prosthetist.  Requires someone with a good bit of experience working with hand and power tools, as well as electricity.  Not necessarily professional, but at least as a hobby working at home and/or in the garage on multiple projects over the years. Someone who really enjoys working with their hands and has built / fixed things in the past. Expect to describe your experience (Assignment in Bolivia) Minimum time commitment: 30 days

Physical Therapist:
The role of the physical therapist is to aid the assessment of the patients suitability for a prosthesis, what exercises they may need to do to be suitable, to practice in a temporary prosthesis to aid confidence and stamina while they wait for a limb to be made, support the Bolivian prosthetists in issuing limbs and for practice and gait re-education once the limb has been issued prior to discharge from the service. See more details here. (Assignment in Bolivia)  Minimum time commitment: 30 days

Help promote the charity via various social media channels. Time commitment: 10-20 hours per month (working on site or off)

Web site development:
Help to modify and maintain our web site.  Time commitment: 10-20 hours per month (working off-site)

Fund Raising:
Help to raise funds via friends, family and community. Create a companion fund raising page, liked to our home site, and promote it to your network.  Time commitment: 5-10 hours per month.  (working off-site)

Grant Writer:
Search for and apply for grant funding.  Time commitment: 20-40 hours per month. (working off-site)

Office assistant:
Work with the office manager to ensure that all patient records and accounting are up to date. .  Time commitment: 30-40 hours per week for 30 days (Assignment in Bolivia)

Video storyteller:
Spend two weeks in our center, following and filming one patient and telling his or her story in a compelling way to facilitate our outreach and fund raising efforts. Time commitment: two-four weeks (Assignment in Bolivia)


Please Click  For Volunteer Application Form

1) For all positions, fluent Spanish is not required.  Usually basic Spanish will be good enough.  Plus you can study more in Bolivia during your assignment.  But further note that our patients speak ONLY Spanish, but the manager and other volunteers speak English.
2) These are “free” positions, and as such, the following are not provided: Housing, Food, Transportation, Health Insurance.
3) You must be a self starter and able to work alone, taking initiative and pride in your performance.
4) Must be 21 or older
5) Minimum 1 month commitment required.