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Bolivians Without disAbilities is a project born out of need. Read about our mission and our vision.

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1316total visits,89visits today

Recent News

Patient – Angela broke her toe

“In March of last year I fell and broke one of my toes. At the time it didn’t seem like a major medical trauma, but when I went to the hospital the doctors made the decision to completely amputate the toe.   To this day I don’t understand why they did so, but to make

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Patient – Charles crashed his motorcycle

“I lost my leg in a motor cycle accident last year. I was riding to a friend’s house when a car crashed into me head-on. My foot was completely crushed. The ambulance arrived quickly and took me to the trauma clinic where they tried to fix my foot by holding the bones together with wire,

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March 2017 Fundraising results

Our March campaign is now over and your generosity has launched us way over our first goal of getting more then 40 donors.  We also closed out the campaign with a little over $5500 which will allow us to provide limbs to one additional patient then the eight that we had initially targeted. In case

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