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Bolivians Without disAbilities is a project born out of need. Read about our mission and our vision.

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Donate today and help build a better future for disabled Bolivians.

5963total visits,86visits today

Recent News

Bolivians Without disAbilities is 2 years old

Bolivians Without disAbilities is proud to announce that we are just over two years old now.  We incorporated in the state of Florida on March 4th 2015, and received our IRS official non-profit status on March 23rd 2015. From a short year in 2015 through the end of 2016 your donations have been able to

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98% of Donations went directly to help Bolivians in 2016

An important question for many donors is “what percentage of donations to Bolivians Without disAbilities is going to support disabled Bolivians?“.  On May 15th, we completed our 990 tax report for 2016 (Due May 15th) and we have achieved our goal of using 98% of donations to help disabled Bolivian amputees. If you have ever

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Patient – Angelica Worked in the Mines

Angelica received a prosthetic limb in 2017 and here is what she told us: “My leg was amputated on October 21st 2016, but the full story begins months before that. I was an employee at a Silver Mine in Potosi.” (Historical note: Potosi was one of the richest cities in the world in the 1600’s

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