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Recent News

Luis the student

Imagine… … being a young, healthy teenage student, pursuing classes in a career that excites you; ….how devastated you’d feel if you were suddenly informed that one of your legs will be amputated before you’ve even reached 20 years of age; …how drastically your life would change in every way possible. Luis was a 19-year-old

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National disabled protest to demand more rights and support

This summer, Bolivia experienced another sad, yet passionate annual protest, orchestrated by thousands of disabled people. People in wheelchairs, amputees on crutches, and many other heartbreaking disabled souls staged a courageous, yet peaceful protest this past summer. Disabled activists “marched” 100s of miles to the capital using their crutches and wheelchairs, and even just limping

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Patient Spotlight – Edwin was hit by a bus

One horrible day Edwin was about to drive his mother home from a party when her hat blew off into the street. Edwin ran into the street to retrieve the hat, and he was hit by a bus. Tragically, the bus crushed one of Edwin’s arms and one of his legs beyond repair.  Edwin was

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